Buy the Perfect Rocking Chair for Your Nursery-6 Great Options

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A rocking chair or a nursery glider is a must-have for any nursery. It provides parents with the perfect place to feed their baby or bond and relax while their little one sleeps. Choosing the right rocking chair for a nursery can be overwhelming, though.

If you are feeling lost in all of the different options available, this guide will help you find your way.

We have put together some important information about rocking chairs and gliders that every parent should know before they make a purchase.

Here’s our pick of the best nursing chairs for mums and dads


Obaby 7 Position Reclining Glider Nursing Chair & Stool – White

By Obaby

Looking for the perfect nursing chair? The Obaby 7 Position Reclining Glider Nursing Chair is the perfect addition to your nursery. With its smooth gliding motion, you’ll be able to find the perfect position for feeding your baby.

This recliner has an extra deep cushion and padded armrest cushions with a handy storage pocket for all of those little things you need when feeding. It also includes a gliding stool that mimics the motion of a rocking chair, ensuring your peaceful time with your baby is uninterrupted.


Serenity Nursing Glider Maternity Chair White with Footstool

By Kidzmotion Store

Looking for a comfortable chair to nurse your baby?
Nighttime feeds will be a breeze, with the Serenity Nursing Glider Chair. It also comes with a matching footstool. This nursing chair but also doubles as a relaxation chair that can be used anywhere in the house.

With seven recline positions, luxurious seat cushions, and padded armrests cushions, this nursery chair is the ultimate in comfort!

You’ll love rocking your child with the smooth, gentle gliding motion that requires very little effort on your part. It has cushion pockets to store all of those little things like that you need close at hand when feeding.


Kub Haldon Nursing Rocking Chair

By KUB Store

New parents, are you looking for a great nursery room rocking chair?
The Kub Haldon Nursing baby Rocking Chair is the perfect way to nurse your baby. It has padded cushions with a storage pocket that provides good support and a gentle rocking motion that will soothe your little one. With its solid hardwood base and easy assembly, this nursery chair is a must-have for any nursery.

You deserve to be comfortable while feeding your baby in style! This rocker is sure to please with its sleek design and beautiful colour scheme. And don’t worry about it being too big or heavy – at 14.4 kg, it’s lightweight enough for you to move around as needed without straining yourself! Perfect for a small nursery. Oh, and there’s a full one-year warranty!


Sereno Nursing Glider maternity rocking chair with glide lock and matching footstool

By Kidzmotion Store

Glider chairs don’t get much better than this! The Sereno Nursing Glider is perfect for mums-to-be looking for a comfortable and stylish chair to rock their new baby in. This glider has 7 reclining positions, so you can find the position that’s just right for you.

It also features a footrest and handy pockets for the essentials! Plus, it comes in natural wood colour and rounded edges to keep your little one safe. So get this rocking chair and enjoy many years of happy memories with your child.


Obaby High Back Rocking Chair

By Obaby

Obaby High Back Rocking Chair - Grey

Awin Cuckooland
Last update was on: May 15, 2021 3:35 pm

The Obaby High Back Rocking Chair is designed to provide a gentle rocking motion. There’s an extra thick foam seat for the extra-wide seat. In addition, there’s back cushioning on the high back that provides full back support.

There’s also an extra seat cushion for lumbar support. There are also some handy armrest cushions. The soft upholstery is finished in two colours – white & grey or white & oatmeal – so it will look great in any nursery or in any other room! We think it would work well in a living room of a modern home.

This armchair is perfect for parents who want their children to have a comfortable place to sit and feed their little one. And because it’s made of solid wood, you can be sure that this chair will last through all those years of use.


Terence Rocking Chair in White

By Cuckooland

Terence Rocking Chair in White

Awin Cuckooland
Last update was on: May 15, 2021 3:35 pm

You’ve been looking for a rocking chair to put in your nursery, and you can’t find one that fits the style of your home?

The Terence Rocking Chair is the perfect match for any nursery decor. It has a classic rocking chair design with clean lines and will look stunning in any baby’s room. In addition, this chair is easy to clean, so it won’t get dirty or stained from baby posset, drool, or spilled milk. And because it’s made out of durable materials, this chair will last a lifetime.

You’ll love telling bedtime stories to your new baby in this chair. A chair to be passed down from generation to generation!

FAQ and Buying Tips

What is a nursing chair?

A rocking chair/nursing chair or nursery glider is typically a chair that has been designed to support your weight and provide an ergonomic position, comfort, and support while breastfeeding or bottle-feeding a baby. It typically comes with armrests, a backrest, and footrests so you can sit up straight without straining or getting stiff. A good nursing rocker should be able to recline in multiple angles so that you can find the best position for your baby to feed.

You might be wondering: what makes a good nursing chair?

  • Size – Some chairs can be quite big, so a small nursery chair may be a good option if you have a small nursery
  • A flexible backrest to support different positions 
  • The most important features of a nursing chair rocker or glider are its ability to recline multiple angles and come with armrests, backrests, and footrests – leg rests
  • The glider or rocking chair should be made from durable and robust materials like hardwoods. The cushions should be relatively easy to clean with a sponge, like cotton or leather
  • If you are using a nursing chair with arms, make sure they are padded well enough to prevent rubbing, as you may end up with sore spots on your arms
  • The rocking motion or gliding motion should be smooth and squeak-free and stop easily when you need it to
  • A locking mechanism that locks the chair in place while breastfeeding or bottle-feeding

Should I buy a glider or rocking chair for my baby’s nursery?

You might be asking yourself, is it necessary to get a rocking chair for your baby’s nursery?
If you want to have the option of rocking your new addition and calming them to sleep, then yes. They also provide comfort and support to mums when feeding.

However, it should be noted that many mums do without one. They can also help to complete that perfect nursery look.

What is the difference between a glider and a rocking chair?

There are two types of chairs that you can choose from when selecting one for your baby’s nursery: a rocking chair and a glider.

The traditional rocking chair has curved bands at the bottom but If you are looking for a soothing back and forth motion, then consider purchasing a glider.

Important note. When deciding between our top picks, we considered each chairs cost at the time of writing. However, we would not hesitate in recommending any of the chairs. Prices can fluctuate a fair bit, so our number five choice could easily be our number one choice if the price were right.

Please be sure to double-check all chair sizes before purchase. 

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