The Best Metal High Sleeper Beds: A Buyer’s Guide

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Ready for the next level of gaming? Introducing X-Rocker BattleBunk Gaming Bunk Bed! This bunk bed is designed to make gamers feel like they’re in …


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The Amazon Basics Metal Twin Loft Bed is perfect for your son or daughter’s bedroom. Assembly will be a breeze as all the tools are included. The …


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This twin loft bed is perfect for small bedrooms that need some extra play space! The metal frame is made of powder-coated silver metal, and the …


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The Upton High Sleeper bunk bed is a modern and stylish bunk bed that will compliment any interior. The white finish makes it ideal for bedrooms …

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When you’re looking for a bed, the last thing you want to do is spend hours and hours searching through all of the options. That’s why we’ve done it for you! In this post, we will provide an overview of what metal high sleeper beds are and how they can fit into your home.

We’ll cover some of the factors that go into picking out a good one, such as size, style, quality. And finally, we will share our picks for the best metal high sleeper beds on the market today.

What Is a Metal High Sleeper Bed

A metal high sleeper bed frame is a great way to maximize small bedroom space.
A high sleeper is a bed set high off the ground and with an open space underneath. The bed frame is usually made from steel. The space beneath is ideal for storage and is generally big enough to accommodate a homework desk, a futon or sofa bed, or storage units like a wardrobe, bookcase, or a chest of drawers.

They are generally very affordable, relatively straightforward to assemble, and strong and durable. A perfect piece of bedroom furniture for any child’s bedroom.

Here are our top picks.

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X Rocker Fortress Metal High Sleeper Gaming Bunk Bed

By X Rocker


X Rocker Fortress High Sleeper Gaming Bunk Bed with Desk, Shelves and Ladder, Single 3ft Frame, Black, Metal Kids Loft Bed

 in stock
as of June 28, 2021 5:18 pm


  • STURDY BED FRAME - Made from steel, this metal high sleeper bed is built for heavy duty use for kids and teen gamers, with a fixed ladder positioned on the right hand side, metal mesh panel sides and bed slats.
  • STANDARD UK 3FT BED - Sized to sleep junior gamers, this high bed is configured as a standard UK single bed size to fit a standard UK 3ft/90x190cm mattress (not included)
  • BUILT-IN DESK - A versatile desk suface, perfectly sized to house TV screens or PC monitors up to 40" for the perfect gaming setup or study desk.
  • STORAGE SHELVES - Includes 3 shelves finished in smooth carbon fibre effect and red detailed trim, ideal for dispalying gaming collectables
  • SPACE-SAVING DESIGN - This innovative gaming bed frame is the perfect space savinng solution for smaller bedrooms with an integrated desk, shelves and under-bed space for extra storage. Overall dimensions: W145 x L197.5 x H183cm

Our number one choice.

Do you have a gamer in your house? This is an excellent bed for any gamer or geek. The high sleeper metal bed frame constructed from steel will make it easy for your kids or teens to get out of bed and go straight into their gaming den.

Its a perfect space-saving design, and there will be no more wires lying around the floor. There’s a built-in desk thats perfect for a TV or a pc monitor and plenty of shelf space thats ideal for holding consoles and games. There’s also plenty of room for a gaming chair. This bunk bed frame will make sure that they have plenty of room to play.

You can’t find anything like this anywhere else on the market today. We’re sure they’ll love having their own personal space that’s just theirs. They’ll be able to play their favourite game without disturbing anyone else in the house, even if they stay up late playing! And when they’re done, they can easily fall asleep right back into their cosy bed after a long day of gaming. This bed is the ultimate gift for any kid who loves video games.


Basics Black Metal High Sleeper Twin Loft Bed

By Amazon Basics

Are you looking for an affordable metal bed frame that will give your kids more space in their bedroom?

We have the perfect solution for you! This twin loft bed is designed to maximize floor space and create extra storage underneath the frame. You can add a desk or even use it as a reading nook! The frame is made of sturdy metal, so it’s not only durable but also very affordable.

It’s easy to assemble, and with a 90.72 kg weight capacity, it can be used by kids or adults alike. Plus, there are safety guard rails to keep your kids safe. Perfect for your little ones!

It’s worth noting that this bed is described as a loft bunk bed but with the twin bunk bed frame’s height only reaching 128.8 cm, it’s actually more of a mid sleeper bed than a high bed. Also, as it’s a metal twin bed, it will require a slightly larger twin bed mattress instead of a single bed mattress.


Basics White Metal High Sleeper (Silver) Twin Loft Bed.

By Amazon Basics

The same good value basics Metal Twin Loft Bed as above. The perfect solution to your child’s sleeping needs. This sturdy steel bed frame will provide extra room underneath for storage and safety guard rails to prevent tumbles in the night.

With this twin loft bunk bed, you won’t have to worry about not having enough space in your kid’s bedroom anymore. You’ll be able to store all of their belongings without worrying about them getting lost or damaged because they’ll be safely stowed under the bed! Plus, it’s just as affordable.


X-Rocker Battle Bunk Gaming Bunk Bed Metal High Sleeper Bed Frame

By X Rocker

The X-Rocker BattleBunk is the ultimate bed for gaming; however, it can just as easily be used for homework! The spacious desk area has plenty of room for their computer, multiple monitor setups, keyboard, mouse, books and a whole lot more. There’s also an upper shelf above the desk where you can store games or extra games or controllers.

This bunk bed was designed with gamers in mind, but it also works great as a study space for students.


Humza Amani Upton Metal Single High Sleeper Bed Frame

By Humza Amani

Looking for a Metal bunk bed that will fit your budget and space?
The Humza Amani Upton High Sleeper/Study Bunk Bed Frame is the perfect choice.
It’s affordable; it’s durable and It’s made from metal and has a white finish, which means it will complement many interiors. Plus, you’ll get tons of storage space underneath with this high sleeper/study frame.

This bunk bed is ideal for kids and young teens, great on a budget, and saves space in the room.


VidaXL Metal High Sleeper With Desk

By Humza Amani

If your kids are looking for a place to work, study or just relax in their room, this metal high sleeper with a desk is just perfect.

The vidaXL metal high sleeper has a spacious desk and is made from a robust metal frame that will be a great fit for any room with a limited floor area. You can use the extra storage area under the bed as an area for storing clothes or other items. Its stylish and functional design makes this bed a perfect choice for any child or teenager.

Metal High Sleeper Beds – Conclusion

Any of these metal high sleeper beds would be a great addition to your child’s room. They are durable and inexpensive but also can be stylish at the same time. Perfect for teenagers and children over the age of six.

If you’re in the market for a new bed, we hope this article helped. Hopefully, you won’t have any trouble finding the right one for both their needs as well yours! 

Please note for safety reasons, children under the age of six should not occupy a top bunk.

Important note. When deciding between our top picks, we considered each bed’s cost at the time of writing. However, we would not hesitate in recommending any of the beds. Prices can fluctuate a fair bit, so our number five choice could easily be our number one choice if the price were right. Please be sure to double-check all bed sizes before purchase. 

Please be sure to double-check all bed sizes before purchase. 

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