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Fun, functional and practical. It is easy to see why bunk beds are such a popular choice for families everywhere. They are the number one bedroom space saver for homes throughout the UK. Ideal for siblings sharing a bedroom or for sleepovers. They also come in various configurations, styles and material choices suitable for any home.

Listed below are some of our favourite options for 2022 that hopefully suit your budget and match your home.

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Standard Bunk Beds – Single Bunk Beds

A standard bunk bed frame is the most basic type of bed. Very simply, it’s a bed on bed stack. They use the vertical space available in a bedroom to pack two single beds into a space typically occupied by one bed. These beds are the most common and perfect for those on a tight budget.


Happy Beds American Solid White Wooden Bunk Bed Frame

A bunk bed with sturdy, solid construction that’s safe for both adults and children. Safety is not overlooked with four safety rails on the top bunk and a sturdy ladder that can be positioned on either side. The American bunk bed can also be divided into two separate 3ft beds.
very good

Comfy Living 3ft Single Bunk Bed White Wash Finish Solid Pine Wood Christopher

The Christopher Bunk Bed is an attractive pine frame, excellent for family and friends due to its modern design it can take two standard 3ft mattresses. The bunk has an adjustable ladder which can be …
very good

Durham White Wooden Bunk Bed

The Durham White Wooden Bunk Bed comes with a contemporary design that will look stunning in any child’s bedroom.

Bunk beds with storage – Drawers, Shelves, Wardrobes, Desks

Bunk beds with storage are another great way to save space in small bedrooms. It’s common to see bunk beds that offer a wide variety of storage solutions. Here is a selection of our favourite bunk bed frames that offer shelves, drawers, under bed storage, desk and even wardrobes. For a more detailed overview, check out the links below.


Erin Bunk Bed

This stylish Erin bunk bed features double shelf storage and the option to add an underbed storage drawer for additional space.

Bunk beds with mattresses included

Looking for a bunk bed that comes with mattresses? Then look no further! Check out our guides to the best bunk beds with mattresses at amazing prices!


Happy Beds Atlantis White Finished Solid Pine Wooden Bunk Bed

The Atlantis bunk bed with 2 mattresses is a strong and sturdy bed made of pine wood, available in different finishes.
very good

Double Bunk Beds

Double bunk beds are ideal for big households or accommodating guests. These types of bunk beds can sleep up to four people, or a single over double can sleep three. Take a look at our guides to find the best bunk bed for your house.


STRICTLY BEDS & BUNKS – Everest Classic Double Bunk Bed

This is a high-quality bunk bed made of Scandinavian pine that is strong enough for adults.
Very good

Triple Bunk Beds

Need to sleep three kids in one room? Triple bunk beds are the perfect option! These beds can sleep up to three people, making them ideal for siblings sharing or groups of friends staying over. There’s a variety of different designs and styles to choose from, so you’re sure to find the perfect triple bunk bed for your needs.


Snowdon White Wooden Triple Sleeper Bunk Bed

The Snowdon is trendy and features 3 bunks stacked on top of each other

L Shaped Bunk Beds

Looking for a unique bunk bed design? Why not try an L-shaped bunk bed! These beds are perfect for a bedroom corner, and many come with plenty of storage.


Wizard L Shaped Bunk Bed with Storage

Here’s a bed with ample storage! There’s plenty of shelving space for all those knick-knacks. A beautiful, multifunctional bed in a stunning white finish will look wonderful in any bedroom corner.

Shorty Bunk Beds – Small Bunk Beds

Small bunk beds, also known as shorty bunk beds, are perfect for kids’ bedrooms. These beds are very affordable and are an excellent addition to any bedroom where space is limited. There’s a variety of different designs to choose from. Find the perfect bed for your child’s needs in the link below.


Everest Classic Short Bunk Bed

A solid wood short-length bunk bed – Perfect for those smaller bedrooms!
very good

Detachable Bunk Beds

Do you need a bunk bed that can be separated? A detachable bunk bed is the perfect option for you! These beds can be easily disassembled and re-built into two beds when needed. Check out our link below to find one that suits your needs.


Happy Beds American Solid White Wooden Bunk Bed

Detachable solid white wooden bunk bed
very good

Bunk Beds with Stairs

Looking for a safe and stylish bunk bed? Check out our selection of bunk beds with stairs! Stairs offer a little more safety for children when climbing up to the top bunk, and they also add a touch of style to any bedroom. There’s a variety of different designs to choose from, so you’re sure to find the perfect bed for you and your children’s needs.


Maya Bunk Bed with Built in Storage in Classic White

Traditional design with its white finish and wood construction. The 3 built-in storage drawers provide extra space for all your belongings, while the step makes climbing up onto it easier than ever before!

White Bunk Beds

A white bunk bed is a great way to add brightness and style to any bedroom. These beds come in various different styles and match almost any decor. They are also easy to clean and maintain, making them a great choice for busy families.

Find the perfect one for your needs in our guides below.


Happybeds Wooden Bunk Bed, Orion Oak

This storage bed is a great choice for your little ones as they have plenty of space to store their belongings.
Very Good

Wooden Bunk Beds

A wooden bunk bed is a classic choice for any home. There are many different styles and designs to choose from; you’ll find a choice for every bedroom. These beds come in light or dark wood options, making it easy to find one that fits into your decor perfectly. In addition, durable bunk beds like these will provide your children with years of use.

Find out which ones we recommend in our guides below.


Comfy Living Christopher Pine Bunk Bed in Caramel with 2 Mattresses

Ideal for any budget! This well-reviewed bunk comes with two comfy mattresses
very good

Metal Bunk Beds

A metal bunk bed is a great choice for kids’ bedrooms. These beds are not only strong and durable but are also some of the most affordable bunk beds on the market today.
Please take a look at our guides below for the best metal bunk beds for your home.


Panana 3FT Single Bunk Bed Metal Bed Frame

A solid, well-reviewed product that is simply excellent value for money.
very good

Bunk Beds for Adults and Teenagers

Looking for a bunk bed that will suit children, teenagers, and adults? Check out our selection of bunk beds for teenagers and adults! These beds come in various designs and are extremely robust and durable. They are perfect for any home and will last for many years to come.


Strictly Beds and Bunks – Everest Bunk Bed

A bunk bed that’s been tested to take up to 40 stone in weight!
very good

Bunk Beds with a Slide

A bunk bed with a slide is the perfect addition to any child’s bedroom! These beds are extremely fun and exciting and will keep children entertained for hours on end. There’s a variety of different designs and themes to choose from, so you’re sure to find the perfect bed for your little one’s needs.


Kids Bunk Bed Frame with Slide & Steps

Kids will love this bunk bed frame with a slide and steps!
very good

Futon Bunk Beds

Great for children who want a bunk bed, sofa and a place for friends to sleep. This type of bunk bed ticks all those boxes. Check out these fab futon bunk beds!



An ideal place to relax, watch tv and play video games

Gamer Bunk Beds

Do your kids love gaming? Then, why not get them a gamer bunk bed! These beds come in cool designs and colours and are perfect for any child who loves to play video games. Check out these amazing gaming beds.


X Rocker Armada Gaming Bunk Bed Frame

Combine gaming and sleeping with this heavy duty bunk bed

Buying tips – Here are a few tips when it comes to buying a Bunk Bed:

  • Who are these best suited for? Any family with limited space will benefit from them. It is the perfect solution for two or more children sharing a room or for sleepovers. 
  • Ceiling Height – Consider not only how tall the beds themselves are but how much space there will be between the top bunk mattress and the ceiling. Ensure that your child can sit upright without hitting their head on the ceiling.  
  • How much space do you have in the bedroom? Bunk beds are the ultimate space saver; however, not all are the same size. Take both length and width into consideration. Before purchasing, make sure there is sufficient space.
  • Safety – Children should only use the top bunk bed if they are over the age of six. They also come with safety features like guard rails, and some have wide steps or stairs.
  • Style, Configuration, and Customisability- Bunk Beds come in different styles and configurations. Some even have slides! The Ladders can sometimes be repositioned, but shelving and storage are often in a fixed position. You want to make sure what you want works in the space you have. You may also want to consider whether you can separate the bunk beds and use them as two beds in the future. Needs Change; what’s right for now may not be in the future. Detachable Bunks are an excellent option to consider. Bunks, where the bottom bed can be converted to a couch, table, are also worth looking at. 
  • Colour and materials – Most bunk beds are made from solid wood, usually pine or metal, usually steel. Most bed frames have a slatted bed base. Pine, white, or grey is popular and suits most households.
  • Storage options -There are so many options available to buy. Some come with drawers, shelving, storage, wardrobe, or a combination of all these options. Although a bunk bed with storage can be expensive, it often works out cheaper than buying the storage options separately and will take up less space in the bedroom.
  • Do you require a mattress? Most bunk bed frames will require a single-size mattress; however, always check the bed frame size before buying.
  • Delivery and assembly  Most are easy to set up, but others might be a little bit more challenging.


  • Are bunk beds safe?

    Used correctly, bunk beds are safe. Bunk beds sold in the UK must also meet the required safety standards. We have written an in-depth article that discusses Bunk Bed Safety.

  • What age are bunk beds safe?

    Bunks beds are suitable for any child aged six and above.

  • What are the bunk bed safety regulations?

    bunk beds sold in the UK need to comply with BS EN 747:2012+A1:2015.

Important note. When deciding between our top picks, we considered each beds cost at the time of writing. However, we would not hesitate in recommending any of the beds. Prices can fluctuate a fair bit, so our number five choice could easily be our number one choice if the price were right.

Please be sure to double-check all bed sizes before purchase. Stock, price, and delivery are all beyond our control.

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