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Are you looking for small space ideas for little kids? You need to get creative with big ideas for small spaces!  If you are beginning to think about bedroom ideas for 2020 for your small children, you’re in the right place. When it comes to design, there’s a lot to consider; children’s rooms can be challenging, especially if they are small.


We all want our children to have a beautiful, uncluttered place to play and do their homework, but because of space constraints or having an older brother or sister, younger children are often left with the smaller box room or strangely shaped bedrooms.


It doesn’t matter if you have a boy or girl, you need not worry about transforming these bedrooms into interesting, attractive, and structured spaces that can be simple and cheap with a bit of inspiration.


Read on for our top tips on small kids’ bedroom ideas. 

1. First, analyse bedroom shape and size.

Furniture under slanted alcoves in a bedroom

You can only work with what you have. Awkwardly shaped bedrooms can be challenging to decorate. Embrace the cosiness of the room.
Make use of corners by adding some storage solutions, a colourful box for soft toys or lego, or consider adding a lamp into the corners or a bean bag or two. These items will help soften the room and create a comfortable, relaxing space for your child.


Slanted alcoves can also be a problem as they can create dead space; however, turn this into an advantage. You can negate this dead zone by tucking the bed into these awkward spaces. Don’t throw in the towel. If you decorate these odd angles carefully, it will pay off. Small cabinets, desks, and lamps are great for tight spots.

Best value 1 Union Fabric Bean Bag Chair

Union Fabric Bean Bag Chair

Your kids will love this stylish and funky bean bag!
Best seller 2 kids concept corduroy lamp

kids concept corduroy lamp

Your children will love nodding off to sleep with this table lamp.  
Editor choice 3 Noa and Nani Office Desk Computer Table

Noa and Nani Office Desk Computer Table

Excellent quality. Designed to last.

2.Choose your bed wisely and create more floor space.

Make the most of Floor space in your children’s bedroom. If space is limited, then consider a loft bed, L Shaped Bunk Bed or a cabin, sleeper type bed.

Depending on the type of bed you choose, you may later be able to change the area under the bed as your child grows up. It can house extra storage for toys or a wardrobe for clothes, or even a desk for homework. A bunk bed is the ultimate space saver and, for many families, a necessity if they are sharing with a sibling.

Best value 1 Loft Bunk Bed in Natural Style

Loft Bunk Bed in Natural Style

The ultimate space saving bed!
Editor choice 2 Ryland European Single Mid Sleeper Bed with Chest of Drawers from Harriet Bee

Ryland European Single Mid Sleeper Bed with Chest of Drawers from Harriet Bee

Great Storage solution for bedrooms with lower ceilings.
Editor choice 3 Single High Sleeper Bed with Desk and Sofa

Single High Sleeper Bed with Desk and Sofa

Plenty of room to work and play with this Stompa high sleeper with a desk and sofa!

3. Chose a light colour scheme

Kids bedroom with floorboards

By selecting a neutral colour scheme, the room becomes easily changeable. Soft furnishings allow you to adapt the bedroom space as your children grow up. Light neutral colours also make small rooms appear larger. Another great way to enlarge a small space creatively is to paint a striped wall, or use wallpaper. Horizontal stripes broaden a room, and vertical lines can make walls look taller.

Light colour schemes that were applied to the walls and floorboards can also be used on the floorboards. Painted floorboards can make a bedroom feel a lot larger than what it is.
Floorboards in a children’s room are a great option as they are far easier to clean than carpets.

If you have high ceilings, take advantage of it. If you have limited floor space, naturally lead the eyes away from it by decorating the ceilings. Ceilings can be painted, wallpapered, decorated, or intelligent lighting can be used, but remember less is more.

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Zoomie Kids Chay Blue/Grey Rug

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Dinosaur Pleat Room Darkening Curtains

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Best seller 3 Snurk Childrens Arctic Friends Duvet Bedding Set

Snurk Childrens Arctic Friends Duvet Bedding Set

Adorable Arctic Friends on this bedding set!

4. Multi functional storage

We all know that good storage is the secret to a well-organised bedroom,
but it’s vitally essential in small bedrooms. Try utilising your walls if you don’t have a lot of floor space in your children’s bedrooms. Make the most of high walls with smart multifunctional storage and shelving arrangments.

There are far too many storage options to highlight in one post, so we will take a look at some of our favourites.

Radiator Shelving

Consider your radiators for storage. A smart idea for the protection of little hands is to purchase a radiator shelving. These also happen to be ideal for decorating items such as knick-knacks or simply hiding old, unsightly radiators. These are generally easily assembled and look great in any room, and they do not affect radiator efficiency.

Best value 1 Williams Radiator Cover

Williams Radiator Cover

Protect little hands!

Floating shelves

Floating shelves are fantastic for small bedrooms. They save a ton of space and are great for knick-knacks as well as picture frames and books.


Floating shelves are a space saver over conventional shelving. They free up floor space and make your room feel visibly bigger. You can also buy floating nightstands. These are often found in hotel rooms where space is limited.

Best seller 1 Mia Trough Floating Storage Shelf in White, Grey or Pink

Mia Trough Floating Storage Shelf in White, Grey or Pink

Simple yet stylish, the minimal design is ever so chic

Wall hanging toy storage

Hanging mesh baskets are ideal for kids bedrooms. They offer a perfect solution for soft toys, and they can be placed virtually anywhere. These also happen to be incredibly cheap, bang for the buck, these are one of the best storage solutions available to you.

Editor choice 1 Strouse Hanging Storage with 3 Compartments

Strouse Hanging Storage with 3 Compartments

Keep the clutter off the floor.

Window seat with underneath storage

If you have unusual window space (or even if you don’t!), consider filling it with a window seat. Window seats can come with storage and are an excellent place for children to read and relax under natural light.

Under bed storage containers.

As previously discussed, mid sleeper, high sleepers, loft beds, cabin beds are ideal for kid’s bedrooms, but unfortunately, they come at a cost. Thankfully, if you’re on a tight budget, then there are other solutions for you, they may not work as well as the premium solutions. Still, cheap under bed storage containers are very handy for spare bedding and other things they may not need on a daily basis.

Best seller 1 Water Hyacinth Underbed Storage

Water Hyacinth Underbed Storage

Ideal for toys, bedding and clothes

Behind the door storage

t’s a space that we rarely think of using. However, utilising this area is excellent for keeping clutter off the floor. Hooks for dressing gowns, hanging storage baskets for pens and pencils or magazines the possibilities are endless. It’s also a cheap storage idea to implement. You could go for a premium option with one of these beautiful pegboards.


Pegboards look fantastic! They are an adaptable solution for storage that look stylish and help keep everything organised in your little ones bedrooms. 

Editor choice 1 pegboard for children's bedrooms

Handy storage solution pegboards

Your children will love these peg boards!

As you can see, a small bedroom doesn’t need to look cluttered. Creative styling and organisation can work wonders in any room and create the illusion of a bigger room. Whatever your budget, you can create a bedroom your kids will absolutely adore.

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