9 Creative Childrens Playroom Ideas That Kids Will Love

The most important part of a child’s life is their childhood. It will not last forever, so we must make it the best time for them that we can. One way to do this is by creating a kids playroom in your house where they can have fun with their friends and family members and create memories with them. You can create the children’s playroom anywhere you see fit. Try utilising an attic or spare room if space is tight in your child’s bedroom.

So, How do you create a creative playroom that kids love? Well, it’s not as hard as you might think. There are many ways to make your house into an awesome playground for your children. Playroom organisation just needs a little planning. After all, you want your kid’s room to look like a modern, fresh, stylish playroom when you’ve finished!

Here are some great ideas you might want to consider when creating your kid’s play area:


Add A Very Cool Bed

Kids will love this Lifetime Lake House Bed from Cuckooland

Kids love cool beds, so why not get them one? There are so many intresting beds out there. A Bunk bed, high sleeper bed, Beds with slides, treehouse beds, the list is endless. Many of these beds are made to take up less space, which is ideal for many homes.

A cool bed with a play area underneath would be the perfect addition to your child’s bedroom and will keep them entertained for hours on end!


Create a Chalkboard Wall

Create a chalkboard wall to encourage creativity. Get a large piece of wood and paint it with chalkboard paint. Your children can get creative and draw their own chalkboard pictures (or you could take the time to teach them how!). Once they’re done, just wipe down with some soap and water for easy cleanup!

Allowing kids creative freedom is so rewarding, and the best part is that they’ll never get bored of drawing on a chalkboard.

Here’s a guide on how to create a chalkboard wall.


Add Some Artwork


Create new artwork every day! Hang up some rope or an old clothesline and then hang pictures or artwork from them and others. Kids of all ages will be fascinated by the different pieces, and they can also use them as inspiration for their own creations.

The best thing about this idea is that it does not have to cost a lot because you could reuse old clotheslines or just get some from your nearest store. Imaginative play at its best, and you’ll end up with a cute playroom. Please be aware and keep all cords out of toddler’s and young children’s reach as they pose strangulation risks.


Painting Floors Different Colours

Use your imagination by painting floors in different colours. You can then add imaginative shapes in various colours for children to explore. Kids will love the bright, colourful look. Alternatively, you could try a jigsaw mat. Jigsaw mats are a great idea if you do not want to spend too much. So it will save time and money! Plus, the colours are perfect for playtime fun with children of all ages in mind, especially good for toddlers who may be prone to spilling things while exploring their new surroundings. Your little ones can even help you make the mat!


Add A Large Rug

Add a large rug that can be used as a space for creative playtime activities like building blocks, puzzles, and drawing. A rug is perfect for a toddler playroom. It adds a fun element to the room and makes it more comfortable for children and toddlers to crawl around on the floor. This is just one idea for your kids to have fun and learn while playing in their own playroom!


Create A den Or A Fort

Create a den or a fort for children to play in. If you don’t want your child’s room becoming messy with toys and clothes all over the floor, it might be worth considering creating a den for them to store their playthings.

While most of us may have grown out from this (Well, not all!), you can still have fun seeing the joy on your kid’s faces as you create one together. Kids simply love to play in a den or fort.

Create an awesome tent design by using some large sheets as curtains on either side of the bed. If you want to create a more adventurous design, use some old sheets for curtains and let them drape down into an area that can be used as storage space or even another bedroom!

You could create your own playhouses made from cardboard boxes: The best thing about this idea is how cheap it would cost because you can reuse old boxes or get some from the supermarket.

A teepee tent is also a cheap way to create the perfect hideout and cool play space in just minutes!


Add Pillows, Bean Bags And Blankets

Encourage storytelling by adding pillows, bean bags and blankets for kids to sit on while listening to stories together. Let your little ones take control of their own playtime and create a space for them to be the storyteller. This will allow kids who might feel like they are not good at something to have more confidence in themselves as well! Sitting on pillows, bean bag, or blankets also helps children maintain eye contact with you while listening to their story.


Use Every Nook And Cranny

Add an easel, wall bookcase, toy storage bench and shelves to nooks and crannies.
Make use of every inch of floor space. Use every nook and cranny as an opportunity, especially in a small space. Try adding a new toy box, storage bin or bookcase or even their favourite stuffed animal to those hard to fill areas. Encourage creativity by adding new furniture like a kids homework desk, easel and some space-saving shelves to hold all those art supplies.

There are so many options out there when it comes to kid’s playroom storage you should never run out of storage ideas. It will also help keep all the toy clutter off the floor. The point is to make the kid’s room inviting for kids and comfortable enough for them to be creative at any time of day!


Add An Indoor Climbing Frame

Some people might think that climbing frames are just for outdoor use, but this is not true! Indoor ones can be a great addition to your home, especially if you live in an apartment or have limited play space. They also provide lots of fun during the winter months; when it’s too cold outside, they give kids something new to do while inside on those cold winter months. Your kids will love keeping active and entertained while they’re in the house.

A few things to consider when choosing an indoor climbing frame are: whether you have a big enough space in the play area for it and is it ok for your child’s age.


There’s no such thing as the perfect playroom. However, there are so many ways to create fun zones in your playroom for kids of all ages. Playroom decor doesn’t need to be expensive. The best part is that a lot of the time, you can use whatever you have on hand or add some relatively cheap items and change it up with new items as your children grow.

A playroom makeover does not have to be expensive or complicated; its about making a space where children feel safe enough and comfortable enough to express their creativity or just have fun at any time during their day.

Get creative and share the fun with your kids! How about using these kids playroom ideas to create a space that is unique for them? Make sure you document all of those memories in photos so they can look back on how much love was put into creating this special environment made from creativity, imagination & playtime!!!

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