7 Great Under Bed Storage Solutions For Your Kids’ Room

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7 Kids Under Bed Storage Ideas and Tips

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had to deal with the dreaded piles of toys and clothes that your kids’ room turns into after a day or two. Kids of all ages need to have a place to store their things. They also need storage for the things that they don’t use every day, such as clothes, toys and spare bedding.

One great solution is under bed storage. There are all sorts of under bed storage ideas out there, so no matter what size space you have to work with, there’s something for everyone. In this post, we will look at different under bed storage solutions for your kid’s room. We’ve found some great products that will help make cleanup and organising a breeze.

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Foldable Under Bed Storage Boxes (Set of 6)

By Amazon Basics Store

Keep your kids’ toys neatly organised with these storage cubes.
A set of six lightweight, collapsible storage cubes ideal for bedrooms. Made of sturdy fabric with built-in handles, these versatile storage cubes are perfect for organising toys, books or clothing.

Lightweight and easy to carry, the foldable storage cubes can be easily folded down when not in use. These cloth storage bins are also great for keeping things organised on a trip or when moving into a new place. Available in different colour options.


The Goklmn Under Bed Shoe Storage Organizer

By Goklmn

The Goklmn Under Bed Shoe Storage Organizer with Large Adjustable Dividers is a great way to save space in your bedroom. It can be used in a closet or under the bed. With its sturdy construction and large adjustable dividers, this shoe organiser can be used for many different purposes. It is perfect for storing small toys, old socks, shoes and gloves.

The size of storage compartments can be adjusted depending on what you need to store. This organiser helps keep things tidy while maximising space usage.


Whitmor Rolling Under Bed Cart

By Whitmor

The Whitmor Rolling Underbed Cart is a great way to store games, books and more. The under bed cart has a space-saving design that takes up minimal floor space and fits easily underneath beds. We think this would be perfect for keeping toys, games or other items organised but out of sight.


Fabric Underbed Storage Bags – 2-Pack

By Amazon Basics Store

These under bed storage bags are made of durable materials with a clear top for quickly identifying contents. They are great for storing bedding or seasonal clothes not in use. These storage bags help free up dressers and closets with all those things you aren’t using.

They fit perfectly under most beds and can be easily moved when you need to vacuum or clean the floor.


Iris Ohyama Under Bed Box with Wheel 50L Clear

By Iris Ohyama Store

Easy to assemble, the Iris Ohyama Under Bed Box with Wheels is a great way to keep your spare bedding like blankets, quilts and pillows and clothes dry when not in use. The under bed box has a capacity of 50L, and they come in packs of 2. Does 100L of under bed storage sound good to you!?


DOKEHOM 3-Pieces Large Underbed Clothes Storage Bag with Zip

By Dokehom

The 3-piece under bed storage bag set is a great solution to your storage problems. The large under bed storage bags are ideal for storing seasonal clothing, bedding and other items free of damp and dust.

These large under bed storage bags will fit under most beds. Perfect for keeping your bedroom tidy, these large under bed storage bags will help you get organised and keep the things you aren’t using out of sight today!


Zibo White Wooden Under Bed Storage Drawer

By Happy Beds

Zibo White Wooden Under Bed Storage Drawer

Awin Happy Beds
Last update was on: April 14, 2021 11:54 am

The Zibo White Wooden Under Bed Storage Drawer is a space-efficient storage solution for your bedroom. It features rolling wheels so you can tuck it under your bed with ease, and its crisp and clean white finish will make it look nicer than cheap storage bags.

With enough room to store all of your kid’s old clothes, this under bed storage drawer is a lifesaver! Available in grey or white, a good match for most decors.

under bed storage tips for kids room

Storing items is not always easy. It can be hard to find enough space for everything, and sometimes things get lost or forgotten. So think about what you need to store first. If its heavy, things like books storage on wheels might be better. If its old clothes and fabrics, zip-up storage bags may be a better option. This will help them stay fresh and clean. If its for small items like stuffed animals or socks, there’s a variety of storage containers that will work for you.

  • Measure the maximum height under the bed, as well as the width and depth. Find a container that will fit comfortably in your bed’s designated storage space. There’s nothing worse than trying to yank out a storage bag that’s been stuffed into a space that’s not big enough.
  • Consider how quickly and easily items can be stored, retrieved, and organised. You have a lot of options for storage, but it is up to you what will work best in your room. Considering what type of container or product would be most useful for you will help make your children’s room more functional and practical.
  • Find under bed storage that matches the bedroom decor. Colourful storage containers are a great way to add personality and style to bedrooms.
  • You don’t need to splurge on under bed storage solutions. When you’re looking for under bed storage, don’t be afraid to buy something that’s a little cheaper; after all, it’s just for storage. Under bed storage at that! Keep your money for bedroom items that will be seen, such as a new bedspread, wardrobe or a chest of drawers.


Getting things organised in a disorganised bedroom can be a tricky task. But I hope we have outlined some of the best ways to store your children’s things under their bed, making it more convenient for them to get their things out and put them away again!

These storage solutions work well in almost all bedrooms. This is an easy and affordable way to get your kids organised which will make life easier for you as well!

Please be sure to double-check all sizes before purchase. 

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