Scandi Nursery Ideas: The Scandinavian Way to Create the Nursery of Your Dreams

Are you looking to create the perfect Scandi nursery for your baby but are not sure where to start? The Scandi style of decorating is perfect for nurseries. It’s clean, minimalistic, serene and full of natural light with a touch of Nordic charm that will make any room feel cosy. Scandi design doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive either!

Let us show you how easy it can be to get started with these great Scandi nursery ideas.

What is the Scandinavian style?

Scandinavian design is more of an overall theme that encompasses all Scandi decorating. It’s easy to find Scandinavian furniture, rugs and other items on the market today because Scandi style can be found everywhere from IKEA to Amazon! However, certain key elements define Scandi style and Scandi nurseries.

What are the key elements of the Scandi style? Scandi decorating is about keeping things simple, natural and clutter-free. Keeping this in mind will help you create a gorgeous Scandi nursery that both you and your baby can enjoy on an everyday basis!

Here’s a good example of a Scandinavian-style nursery in a small room.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Scandi design doesn’t have to be too complicated! Let’s start with white/pale walls, natural light and natural wood flooring. Scandi nurseries often have white walls, but you can add a touch of colour. If you’re looking to add some colour, consider something off white or pale brown earthy tones that can work very well. These types of colour schemes are ideal for a gender-neutral nursery.

Take a good look at the room. What features does it have? For example, look at the light source, door placement, and other features the room may have. Unusual features can seem like a problem at first; however, they can really add character to a room if used correctly.

Draw a simple plan for the nursery’s layout, try and envisage where you would like everything to go. It will help a lot before buying furniture. You don’t want the room looking too cluttered!

Once you’ve got the Scandi theme going on in the room, it’s time to add some character and personality!

You don’t have to paint every wall white; it’s your nursery, so add your style and flair! While trying not to forget, Scandi design is all about subtlety and simplicity.

You might like this Scandinavian-inspired wallpaper. Rainbows and fluffy clouds in beautiful shades of mustard, rose, brick and sage green. It will bring an extra cosy touch to a baby’s nursery.

Rainbows Wallpaper

We also love these Scandi inspired wall transfers

Say hello to your new Nordic friends, Disa the deer, Freja the arctic fox, Oden the moose, Loke the lynx and last but not least, Balder the bear.

These wall transfers are made in Sweeden from hand-sketched designs. They will add a lovely touch to any white wall. They are also durable and can be moved or repositioned if required.

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Get yourself a cot and some Scandi style furniture

Scandi cots are great because they’re simple, clean and usually made of natural wood. Scandi style changing tables or dressers make a lovely addition to any Scandi nursery as well.

We love the SnuzKot Skandi Cot Bed in natural wood and white. Its minimalistic Scandi design is perfect for nurseries. The natural beech wood finish against the white is a wonderful combination. Get the extension kit, and this bed will last for many years to come. It is also available as part of a set, just fab for any bedroom.

Click the links to see our favourite Scandinavian style cots and nursery furniture sets.

Take a look at these wonderful crib sheets.

Add a splash of colour.

Scandi design is really all about simplicity and clean lines, but it doesn’t have to be boring! So add a splash of colour with a colourful rug. It can go a long way in adding some pop to your Scandi nursery. Also, wooden floors can get cold, so a warm rug will help keep the room nice and cosy.

Black and white is very nordic, but Scandi decorating also loves bright colours, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

We think this rug would stand out in any nursery.


Scandi decorating loves simplicity and keeping things simple. So why not add this very simple shelf to your nursery? It will help keep the room tidy and look great at the same time! We love this little shelf from kids concept.

A lovely and spacious cabinet is available with 6 or 10 compartments.
You can display both small and large toys in the cabinet thanks to three additional removable shelves.

Scandinavian Children’s Cabinet

The finishing touches

This cute rainbow wall rug will bring an element of warmth to any nursery

Scandi cushions and throws. These are all great for adding some personality and character to your Scandi nursery!

This throw made from recycled cotton would look great over a nursing chair and keep you warm during those nighttime feeds. Please take some time to check out our favourite nursing chairs.

A practical and fun mini bear hook will also look fab.

Toy bags like this one from Nobodinoz are a great addition to any nursery. The bold colours will stand out when paired with pale nursery colours.

Meet Neo, the cute and cuddly rocking mammoth! A child’s rocking toy like this must be the cutest thing ever made! Any child would be thrilled to have such a cuddly friend in their room. There should be at least one Neo Mammoth Rocker in every nursery!


Scandi nurseries are a popular design trend, and the style is all about keeping things simple, and clean but most of all, it’s about being comfortable! It not only needs to look good, but it also needs to be practical. We hope these Scandinavian nursery ideas can help you create the nursery of your dreams by using natural materials and colours to achieve a soothing environment for both parents and babies alike.

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