11 Special Children’s Bedroom Lamps And Lights To Brighten Up Any Room

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Add a little light to your little one’s life with a wide variety of adorable children’s bedroom lamps to choose from. Choose From pirate-themed and adorable puppy lights to magical touch lights or heart-themed lamps. We have an option to suit everybody.

In this article, we will give you a wide choice of awesome lights that are perfect for any children’s bedroom! We have both budget and premium options for you. They not only provide a warm and inviting atmosphere, but they also keep the room nice and bright. What more could your child ask for?

Let us help you shop around. We’ve compiled a list of little lamps that will suit any youngster’s personality.

Brighten up your children’s bedroom with these awesome picks.

Childrens bedroom lamps and lights


Fedetkey Night Light

By Fedetkey

A soft dimmable light that’s perfect when you need to visit the little one’s room without disturbing them. This touch-activated light is also perfect to use when camping, and little ones will love the fact that it can change colour! From red, yellow and green to blues and pinks, you’ll have a rainbow of lights to choose from. LEDs use less energy than incandescent bulbs, which have filaments that can burn out and heat up. LED lights are a lot cooler to the touch, so great for little hands!

Price: A nifty lamp at an affordable price – we’re in love.


Children’s Elephant bedside lamp 

By Lights Co UK

Child-friendly Elephant table lamp

Awin Lights.co.uk
Last update was on: April 29, 2021 6:44 pm

If your child can’t get enough of elephants, you’re in for a treat! This lampshade is covered in bright coloured (and oh-so-adorable elephants). This wood and plastic children’s lamp is a cute addition to any child’s room and perfect for children with vivid imaginations. An added bonus is that it is energy efficient – yay!

Price: Like all the lamps on our list, this one is cute AND affordable.


Children’s bedside light – Aeroplane fabric table lamp

By Lights Co UK

Aeroplane fabric table lamp

Awin Lights.co.uk
Last update was on: April 29, 2021 6:44 pm

Aspiring aviators are in for a treat! This playful bedside table lamp, decorated with adorable aeroplanes, will make a cute addition to any kids’ room. It is made from wood with a cotton screen and is (once again) very energy efficient.

Price: A bit pricier, but a lovely purchase worth the investment Children’s table lamps don’t get better than this.


Children’s lamps – Little Jungle children’s table lamp, fluorescent

By Lights Co Uk

Little Jungle children’s table lamp, fluorescent

Awin Lights.co.uk
Last update was on: April 29, 2021 6:44 pm

Little aspiring zoologists and jungle adventurers will fall in love with this bedside lamp. Decorated with illustrated little animals, it is so so cute. This lamp shade has many bright colours made from plastic, including white, green, yellow, blue and orange. It’s super energy-efficient, which we love. This lamp will look great on a kid’s desk while they get creative or do their homework!

Price: A cool lamp at a steal!


Children’s table lamp Blue LED Pirate Theme

By Lights Co Uk

Blue LED table lamp Pirate

Awin Lights.co.uk
Last update was on: April 29, 2021 6:44 pm

Arrrg, matey, I love your lamp! This little lamp is a treasure of a find for youngsters who love to play princess and pirate pretend. Its unique design is cylinder-shaped and won’t take up much room – perfect for a small children’s room. It is made from wood, and the colours are blue, red and white.

Price: A very affordable (and adorable) purchase.


Girls’ bedroom lamp adorned with hearts

By Lights Co Uk

Cuore - table lamp adorned with hearts

Awin Lights.co.uk
Last update was on: April 29, 2021 6:44 pm

What’s not to love about a cool and nifty lamp covered in hearts? This multicoloured lamp is made from plastic and is in the A++ energy-efficient class. This sweet lamp can grow with your child well into their teen years.

Price: Yet again, a pretty lamp at a pretty affordable price.


Kids’ bed light – Doggy Dog LED night light with battery

By Lights Co Uk

Doggy Dog LED night light with battery

Awin Lights.co.uk
Last update was on: April 29, 2021 6:44 pm

Woof! Little ones scared of the dark will find comfort in this adorable Doggy Dog nightlight that is shaped like a, you guessed it, dog. This little lamp comes with a USB cable, so you can easily charge it. Your child will be able to use it when they need to go to the bathroom at night, the perfect solution for your little one’s bedroom and those afraid of the dark.

Price: This little lamp also comes with a little price tag. We love the affordability!


Boys’ bedroom lamp Police with motif

By Lights Co Uk

Children's table lamp Police with motif

Awin Lights.co.uk
Last update was on: April 29, 2021 6:44 pm

Little ones who dream of becoming law enforcers will fall head over heels for this adorable lamp. It is decorated with police cars and a fire truck, which will allow their imaginations to run wild with career dreams. This lamp is super energy efficient and is made from plastic.

Price: Wow, is that the price!?This lamp is very affordable. Who says children’s lighting needs to be boring!


Lamps for children’s rooms – Colourful Oxford table lamp blue/red/yellow

By Lights Co Uk

Colourful Oxford table lamp blue/red/yellow

Awin Lights.co.uk
Last update was on: April 29, 2021 6:44 pm

Simplicity is often key, and you won’t get any simpler than a lamp with just a bulb. A beautiful bulb, of course. Looking like something a little scientist will love, this lamp is decorated with blue, red and yellow paint. It would work well as a desk lamp. It is also in the A++ energy-efficient class as well. Yay for innovation!

Price: It is just a light bulb, but this cute lamp is so cheap, we’ve already ordered two!


Fluorescent table Toddler lamp Stars in orange

By Lights Co Uk

Fluorescent table lamp Stars in orange

Awin Lights.co.uk
Last update was on: April 29, 2021 6:44 pm

This dreamy lamp looks like something out of the Disney movie Tangled, and little princes and princesses are sure to love its star and moon design. It is made from plastic and decorated in white and orange. With its LED Bulb, It’s in the A+ energy class and a lovely addition to any room.

Price: A stunning lamp at a super affordable price. Your kid will adore it!


Night light for nursery – Night light baby


This cute touch lamp is one of our favourites, with its warm light and dimmer switch that is perfect to use in a baby’s room. You can change the light’s colour from orange, green, purple, red, blue or purple with just a touch. This rechargeable light is perfect to use while breastfeeding or for a little child that’s afraid of the dark.

Price: This lamp is one of the most affordable ones on our list, but it is still high quality. Simple, efficient nursery lighting.


When it comes to your child’s room, the lighting can make or break their overall experience. There are so many options out there. From jungle-themed lights and ones decorated with moons and stars. Or perhaps a pirate-themed lampshade or one that can change to a rainbow of colours. There are plenty of ways you can light up their world with a wide variety of adorable children’s lights.

Floor lamp, Ceiling lamp, table lamp, kids night lights, wall light, Projector lights the list is endless. Kids’ lighting doesn’t need to be complicated or boring! Any of these lights on our list would work well in a child’s bedroom. A table lamp next to a child’s bed is perfect for bedtime stories, and one with a dimmer switch can help to make kids sleepy, unlike a standard ceiling light. Which type of lamp did you choose for your little one?

Double-check all sizes and age suitability for the cot bed bedding before you make your purchase.

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