Double loft beds: Perfect for children and adults

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Are you looking for a Double loft bed?

If you’ve been looking for a stylish and functional addition to your home, it doesn’t get much better than a double loft bed frame.

On this type of bunk bed frame, the lofted bed has a double size sleeping area. A standard bunk bed usually has two single bed sleeping areas. This type of high bed has a larger sleeping area but no lower bunk.

Double loft beds are an ideal space-saving solution for kids’ bedrooms. There’s room underneath the lofted bed for other bedroom furniture pieces or is ideal for storage space. Many families often use the space to add a trundle bed, sofa bed or a futon, ideal for a sleepover.

A double loft bed will take up less floor space than a traditional standard bunk bed, and older children, teenagers, or even adults will love the extra space to spread out at night!

Here are some of the best double loft beds you can find on the market today.

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Pino Double High Sleeper

By Cuckooland

Pino Double High Sleeper

 out of stock
as of June 30, 2022 11:13 am
Brand‎Cuckooland – Pino Double High Sleeper
Product Dimensions190cm x 209.4cm x 214.7cm
Material‎Scandinavian pine

Scandinavian pine was used to make this modern loft bed with a guard rail. The elegant design is sure to go well with a variety of decor. The ample space underneath this lofted bed can be utilised for anything from storage space solutions to a spare desk. So you can customise your kid’s bedroom exactly how they want it.

  • Scandinavian pine was used to make this piece.
  • The finish is lacquered.
  • Nice design.
  • Elegant design.
  • A good choice for a modern-style house.
  • The spacious area underneath is great for additional storage or a desk.
  • It is quite pricey.
How does it compare to the other beds?
It’s a little expensive but a good choice for a modern home compared to other beds on our list. It is a perfect match for any bedroom décor, but it is best suited to modern style room with clean lines and minimal clutter.
is it right for you?
If you want a bed that’s stylish and modern, this is a good choice. We feel it will go well with many styles of décor. Although it may be pricey, we feel it’s worth the investment. There is ample room under the bed for storage or a laptop desk for homework if needed. We feel it provides great value, given the style and functionality it has to offer.

Magnus Double High Sleeper Bed in Classic White

By Noa and Nani

Magnus Double High Sleeper Bed in Classic White
as of June 29, 2022 9:57 pm
Brand‎Noa and Nani – Magnus Double High Sleeper Bed in Classic White
Product DimensionsLength 210cm x Width 148cm x Height 213cm 
Material‎Solid Pine Wood

Finished in Classic White and built from solid pine wood and using strong wooden slats for the bed base. This super high-quality bed comes flat packed with instructions for assembly. This bed is durable with excellent ratings and available at a reasonable price.

  • Painted in Classic White.
  • Made from solid pine wood.
  • Super Strong Wooden Slats are included.
  • Adults and teenagers can both enjoy the full-size double bed.
  • Excellent, durable bed
  • Great ratings
  • reasonable price.
  • The tallest bed on the list
How does it compare to the other beds?
Noa and Nani make fine children’s beds, and this bed frame enjoys excellent reviews, and there are very few negatives. The only slight concern is the height of the bed, and it is the tallest bed on our list; however, it is also one of the cheapest.
is it right for you?
If you’ve been looking for a modern loft bed that bridges the gap between style and functionality, the Magnus Adult Highsleeper Double Bed Loft is for you.
It is one of the most affordable beds on the list; however, it’s one to avoid if you have low ceilings. Please make certain that it is not too high for your children’s bedroom before buying!

Celeste High Sleeper Loft Bunk Bed, 4ft 6 Double

By Strictly Beds and Bunks
BrandStrictly Beds and Bunks – Celeste Loft Bunk Bed
ColourNatural Pine wood
Product Dimensions202 x 98 x 149 cm; 100 Kilograms

The Celeste is a high sleeper loft bunk bed that is ideal for children over the age of six. The Extra wide 90mm, extra-thick 19mm solid pine base slats can also support older teenagers and adults. This bed is manufactured using the finest Scandinavian Pine. No treatments and no chemicals have been used. Only solid natural timber that’s environmentally friendly and can be recycled. The universal heavy-duty ladder can be positioned on either the left or right-hand side.

  • A product of Strictly Beds & Bunks Ltd in ENGLAND
  • It is made from the best Scandinavian Pine.
  • Friendly to the environment it can be recycled.
  • Made from solid, natural wood
  • The base is made of heavy-duty solid pine.
  • Good Value
  • There are no treatments or chemicals used
  • You are free to paint it whatever colour you choose!
  • The instructions are difficult to understand.
  • Missing-parts complaints
How does it compare to the other beds?
Overall, buyers are very happy with the bed, and it has lots of good reviews. However, some reviewers have said the instructions were hard to follow, and they had missing parts. This bed is an adult loft bed but please double check weight capacity before purchasing.
is it right for you?
This bed frame is a great option if you’re looking for something stylish and chemical-free. It’s made from 100% natural wood materials which are durable and simple in style.

Oscar High Sleeper Loft Bunk Bed, 4ft 6 Double

By Strictly Beds and Bunks


Strictly Beds and Bunks - Oscar High Sleeper Loft Bunk Bed, 4ft 6 Double

£239.95  in stock
2 new from £239.95
as of June 29, 2022 9:57 pm
BrandStrictly Beds and Bunks – Oscar High Sleeper Loft Bunk Bed
ColourNatural Pine wood
Product Dimensions W: 144cm H158cm L: 202cm Clearance height under bunk: 112cm

Another hard wearing bed from Strictly Beds & Bunks Ltd of England that is Solid and environmentally friendly. No use of lacquer or glue has been used in the production process. All timber has been obtained from sustainable forests. No plastic fillers, plastic straps or chemicals, only solid pine so naturally biodegradable.

  • Scandinavian SOLID NATURAL PINE.
  • Environmentally friendly may be recycled.
  • Naturally biodegradable.
  • No chemicals, plastic fillers or plastic straps.
  • All timber obtained from sustainable forests.
  • The hook-over ladder may be adjusted to either side of the bed.
  • Solid no thrills wooden bunk bed
  • Very affordable
  • Complaints of missing parts
  • Difficult to follow instructions
How does it compare to the other beds?
At the time of writing, it was the cheapest of the bunch, but this low price point means you get what you pay for. Most buyers are very happy with the bed’s simplicity; however, some reviewers said assembling; it was difficult because instructions were hard to follow or complained of missing parts. Nevertheless, it was the cheapest of the bunch at the time of writing, and we consider it a good choice on a limited budget.
is it right for you?
This bed is good for you if you are looking for a simple bed without any bells and whistles. If your budget allows or you want it to match a certain style of decor, then you might want to look elsewhere. It is also worth noting that this bed is a small double loft bed. It is the shortest bed on the list. So if you have low ceilings, this could be a good option.

Deangelo High Sleeper Bed with Desk

By Wayfair

Deangelo High Sleeper Bed with Desk

£669.99  in stock
as of June 30, 2022 6:04 am
BrandWayfair – Deangelo
Product Dimensions190cm H x 209cm W x 215cm L

The solid wood construction of the Deangelo Double Loft Bed with Desk means a tough and durable piece of furniture. It has a clean white finish and comes in a European Double size, meaning you’ll be able to spread out and get comfortable.

The bed features a desk that can be used as a study space or a great place to do homework or get creative!. The desk area is quite spacious, so your kids will have enough room to spread out all their books and papers.

  • Double loft bed with desk
  • Solid wood construction with high-grade craftsmanship
  • European Double
  • Built-in Desk
  • Nice white finish great for any bedroom
  • A little expensive
How does it compare to the other beds?
It is made of high quality, durable wooden materials and has a white finish that will look great in any bedroom. It is, however, one of the most expensive on the list, but it does have the added advantage of having a built-in desk that other’s do not.
is it right for you?
The bed and desk combo is the perfect area for your child to sleep and study. If your budget allows, this investment will give them the space that they need!


These kids’ beds have been designed to maximise floor space and are functional while also stylish, a good choice to match either a modern home or a rustic home. If you’re looking for a new bed that will accommodate your family’s needs, these high-quality double loft beds should be on top of your list!

Other beds to consider

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Important note. When deciding between our top picks, we consider the cost at the time of writing. However, we would not hesitate in recommending any of the Products. Prices can fluctuate slightly, so our number five choice could easily be our number one choice if the price were right.

Please be sure to double-check all sizes and product information thoroughly before purchase. 


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