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Babylo Cozi Sleeper Review- Create a strong bond with your baby

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May 19, 2022 9:30 pm
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Creating a strong and special bond with your little one is made easier with the Babylo Cozi Sleeper. They’ll be by your bedside, and you’ll never miss a moment. The baby crib is fastened to your bed with clip-on straps, and a soft mesh side is dropped to create a snug co-sleeper. A safe and secure sleeping space for your little one.

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9Expert Score
Babylo Cozi Sleeper

The best value for money crib.

  • Easy fastening system
  • 5 position height adjustment
  • Anti reflux incline
  • Mesh side for air flow
  • Lightweight design – easy transportation
  • The lining can be washed for easy cleaning
  • Limited choice of colours
  • No shelf
  • No rocking function

What we love about the Babylo Cozi Co Sleeper next to me crib

It’s hard not to love this sleek and stylish grey co-sleeping bedside crib. The Babylo Cozi has all the functions to create a comfortable sleeping station. One where you can feed, comfort, and admire your baby easily.

The drop mesh side gives you easy access at night and creates good air circulation. The cosy and thick mattress keeps your little one sleeping for longer and helps support their back. You’ll both have a night of uninterrupted sleep. When there is a bit of fussing, simply reach over and console your child—no getting up countless times throughout the night.

The Babylo Cozi co-sleeper has an adaptable design that features a five-position height and foot adjustment-ensuring a snug and secure fit to any bed. From frame to divan beds. It’s all covered by the Babylo Cozi co-sleeper.

Babylo Cozi Sleeper dimensions
  • Co-Sleeping Crib Bed
  • Quick assembly
  • Adjustable legs and height
  • Padded mattress
  • Soft quilted sides
  • Easy to clean
  • Ventilated fabric

Is the Babylo Cozi Sleeper worth buying?

You wouldn’t keep reading if you thought otherwise! It’s less expensive than any other co-sleeper we have come across. Yet, it still has all the same great features of a premium crib at the same quality. Parents all around love the great value they receive for the price. It keeps their baby safe, comfortable, and their sleeping schedule intact.

A traditional cot will have you waking up countless times throughout the night. With the Babylo Bedside Cozi Sleeper, your baby won’t wake up after you’ve fed or consoled them. You won’t have to walk across the room. With this comfortable sleeper, you can simply gently set them down right next to you. Safe in their own space, ideal for your baby’s comfort and yours. What more could you want in a crib?

babylo next to me crib
babylo bedside crib

Pros & Cons of the Babylo Cozi Sleeper bedside crib:

The Babylo Bedside Cozi Sleeper has received great reviews and ratings. Plenty of satisfied parents, so you know you’ll be too! It’s less expensive but is still good quality.

Your baby will be by your bedside, and the secure fastenings ensure that there aren’t any dangerous gaps between the bed and the crib. The crib has five-position height adjustments, so it’ll fit most standard beds. The incline adjustment helps to soothe congestion. It also features retractable feet, ensuring the crib fits snug against any bed. The drop mesh side helps you to have easy access to your child and keep an eye on them.

The Cozi Sleeper is ideal for daytime naps as you can use it as a standalone crib. Simply close the crib zips, and you are good to go. With its easy manoeuvrability and functionality, you’ll be able to move it from room to room with the 2 wheels. You’ll never miss a moment.

The mattress is comfortable and thick to aid with back support, but some parents have complained that it might be too hard.

Price: The best value co-sleeper crib on the market

Mother with her baby in the Babylo Cozi Sleeper crib

Conclusion (Is the Cozi Sleeper right for you?)

The Babylo Bedside Cozi Sleeper Co-sleeping Crib will help you nurture a strong relationship with your little one. They’ll be close by but still in their own safe space. You can get incredible features like the five height settings, incline setting, and drop mesh side for half of what other co-sleepers cost. There are other cribs on the market that have more functions but not at the same price. This crib is simply a great buy. Quality at an affordable price. What more could you want as mum or dad?

Still, got questions?

Allow us to provide you with the answers:

Is it safe to use? The Cozi Sleeper is safe to use from birth to 9 kilograms. However, you should no longer use the crib once your little one can sit, kneel or pull themselves up unaided. Follow safety guidelines at all times.

How do you take care of it? – Simply remove the covers for easy machine wash.

What’s in the box? – You’ll receive the Cozi Sleeper and the comfortable and thick mattress.There have been reports that some reviewers didn’t receive a handy storage bag or fitted cotton sheet/sheets. Check the manufacturer’s description page to ensure they are included.

BrandBabylo – Bedside Cozi Sleeper Co-Sleeping Crib
Product Dimensions‎95 x 82 x 70 cm
Weight11.5 Kg
Target gender‎Unisex
Mattress87 x 46 x 4 cm

Please be sure to double-check all sizes and what’s included before purchase. Items are subject to change.

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